Syook Pro

Syook is a simple, intuitive and easy to use CRM that lets a business manage its operations. Businesses use Syook to monitor their sales funnel, customer database, manage service requests, manage contracts and inventory.

Product Features

Syook is being used by various service providers and businesses having mobile sales teams to collaborate effectively.

Task Management

Task Management allows you to track all your tasks like service calls, contracts, etc. You can manage your calls, plan upcoming activity and resources. Know your AMC’s and plan for them even before the customer needs to call. Never miss an opportunity.

Lead Management

Manage all your leads in one place. Syook will remind you to follow-up on every lead to its logical conclusion. Monitor sales performance of employees, how much has been promised vs delivered? Know which leads your team is working on.

Inventory Management

Track all your Orders and Inventory. See whats coming in and going out. Know customer Spends and Trends. Our intuitive workflow ensures anyone without specialized training can start using the store module in a few minutes.

Asset Management

Manage all your customers assets. Know their history, perform proactive maintenance and organize all the paperwork more efficiently. Delight your customers by anticipating their needs even before they do.

Real-Time Notifications

Get updates from your mobile workforce real-time. Assign tasks more efficiently by knowing the location of your associates.

Mobile App

Mobile app for field workforce enables them to update tasks real-time, reduce paperwork and helps organize the data more efficiently.