Syook Computerised Maintenance Management System

Syook CMMS ( Computerized Maintenance Management System) helps large industries track industrial maintenance in a plant. They help them maintain detailed record of maintenance performed on every machine.

Product Features

Syook is being used by various service providers and businesses having mobile sales teams to collaborate effectively.

Factory Layout

Customize the layout of your factory shop floor with details of every machine and sub- assembly down to the last component. Know asset details, maintenance performed and locations at a glance. Save on costs related to duplicate maintenance.

Real-Time Notifications

Supervisors and Managers can get notified on maintenance events as and when they occur. SMS alerts are sent to people in the chain of command so that information is circulated at all levels.

Document Work Orders

Track all work orders and document all maintenance related activity. Analyze failures, track improvements made and plan preventive maintenance. Adjust maintenance frequency and proactive part replacement frequency based on real data.

Training and Knowledge Management

Linked to training and knowledge management so that maintenance technicians know the exact procedures to be followed for a particular component’s maintenance. New improvements to procedures can be adopted faster in a centralized manner.

User Management

Assign work orders to the maintenance team. Track employee performance and compliance. Track delays and maintenance cost overruns. Decrease maintenance costs by improving team efficiency and accountability.