Why Syook?

The Syook range of products are simple, intuitive and easy to use solutions for some of the issues faced by the industry. Start seeing improvements in your business processes right away

How does Syook Pro work

Syook Pro, our flagship product, is a field workforce management tool that enables small business to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Your own Customer Database

Know all your customers and track all interactions with them. Never lose a business opportunity.

Manage Calls, Contracts, Leads

Manage all your upcoming activity like calls, follow-ups and contracts.

Manage your Store

Keep a track of all your inventory for efficient store management.

Manage your Mobile Workforce

Assign tasks and monitor the performance of your mobile workforce real-time.

Syook Computerised Maintenance Management System

Syook CMMS ( Computerized Maintenance Management System) helps large industries track industrial maintenance in a plant. They help them maintain detailed record of maintenance performed on every machine.

Easy to use

Like all our systems, the Syook CMMS is also really easy to use. The maintenance technician can actually enter all details in real time in a hand held device as compared to filling up paperwork later.

Loss Prevention in Manufacturing

Syook Continuous Improvement is a product that helps the industry look at their manufacturing losses in order to attack them and increase efficiency.

Supporting Make in India

Syook supports make in India. By empowering to manufacturers get more efficient, we have played a small but significant part to support the make in India campaign.

Our Clients